We get going! ECLOX is already working on several projects that mark the beginning of a new adventure. Excited and eager to move forward.
The XR today is uncompromising in the world of Health, wellness and Handicap. Helping those who need it more and find the best solutions to accomplish it.
Our elders need our support to break down barriers and isolation.
The situation we live in today makes it even more necessary to provide therapy and distraction solutions. We will work hand in hand with rehabilitation centers, senior centers, associations and other entities that are willing to work to improve the day-to-day life of all those people who need our help.
This project would not be viable without the support of the Bpifrance, which has entrusted ECLOX with a grant for innovation in the field of health.
Any collaboration is welcome. we want to hear what are the needs to be able to move in the right direction.
You are free to contact me for more details.