Ad Hoc productions and projects

We develop and produce immersive XR experiences, interactive 3D and 360-degree videos for hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and living centers seeking solutions to improve well-being, therapies, and training for healthcare teams tailored to your needs.

We also create XR experiences and inclusion solutions for any public or private institution, including museums, heritage sites, and public administrations with customized solutions.

Our team of production professionals is trained for each project and advised by a scientific and/or psychological board to ensure the effectiveness of the result, creating unique experiences.

We offer high-quality audiovisual products to ensure exclusive service and a significant impact on the target audience.

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Your Own VR Gallery

Explore the True Emotions Behind Your Art with ECLOX: Customized Virtual Experiences for Artists

Are you an artist looking to take your work to new heights? Do you want to showcase your pieces to the world in an innovative and exciting way? ECLOX has the perfect solution for you. Our proposal of customized virtual experiences for artists allows you to explore the power of inclusion in the virtual world and deliver a unique and memorable experience to your audience.

Our service offers three personalized options for you to choose from.



    The INTRO OPTION provides you with a virtual space to display up to 10 artworks with basic interactions such as the ability to move around the space and view the pieces from different angles, as well as text or audio descriptions of the works. .

  • art gallery


    The ADVANCED OPTION includes a multilingual system, the opportunity to display up to 25 artworks, and advanced interactions such as the ability to explore the pieces in greater detail and interact with them more deeply.


    The PREMIUM OPTION has an open budget and allows you to fully customize the virtual experience and create a unique experience around a particular artwork. It also includes advanced interactions and exclusive functionalities tailored to your specific needs.

    Your own Virtual gallery

    ECLOX: Educational Innovation and Gamification with Virtual Reality.

    School VR

    At ECLOX, we work in collaboration with leading schools to help students learn more effectively while building a strong brand for their educational institution.

    We take pride in offering innovative solutions to our clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be delighted to discuss the best options for your institution and help you stand out from the competition.

    At ECLOX, we believe that Virtual Reality can be a valuable tool for education. Contact us today and together, we will achieve great things!

    ECLOX offers different VR experiences that are multiplatform and based on gamification techniques

    ECLOX proposes multiplatform VR experiences that utilize gamification techniques to enhance the learning experience. This immersive and interactive approach caters to various learning styles and preferences, encouraging student engagement and motivation. Inclusivity is a crucial aspect of the platform, with accessibility features for students of all abilities and backgrounds. The gamified approach promotes competition and collaboration, creating a positive learning environment. EduVR’s multiplatforms support ensures accessibility regardless of location or device. This innovative platforms offers an inclusive and personalized learning experience that can help students develop an interest in studying.


    Eclox: Animals as therapy in Virtual Reality

    Project in Virtual Reality that combines 360 images with music and a 3D experience for an audience that needs to escape, relax or simply spend a moment of distraction thanks to the sensations transmitted by the animals that we have recorded.

    We count among our clients the residences for the elderly who at this time need more than ever experiences that make them feel better in this time of covid-19

    Do not hesitate to contact us.

    Eclox: Music Therapy

    Project in Virtual Reality Using Music as Therapy for Various Situations and Treatments. What sets this project apart from others is the combination of not only musical elements, but also a study of color, utilizing synesthesia as reinforcement in many situations. Animations, videos, and images are used in the creation process.

    We work with music therapists and composers, some with synesthetic abilities, to achieve the best possible results.

    Eclox: Music Therapy


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