Angel Lourido

Angel Lourido


After a day testing Oculus Quest 2 this is my first impression and previous conclusions.

The best image quality is obvious for Quest 2 compare to Quest 1.
The controls are larger than those of quest 1 I suppose to improve tracking but I did not expect it. One detail is the finish, I personally preferred that of the controls of Quest ,1 in Quest 2 it seems that they have wanted to reduce costs.
The Headset itself is more comfortable, but be careful if you have a wide face or if you wear glasses.

The adjustment on the face is not as comfortable as the Quest1 for me, although being lighter and if your face is not very wide you will notice much more comfort.

The problem is the glasses, they get caught when you take off your headset and I don’t like that.

Regarding adjustment between lenses, I don’t understand the nonsense of having to adjust them by directly manipulating the lenses, that makes it easier for them to get dirty if they have to be manipulated regularly by the use of several people, the Quest 1 button was much more comfortable.

On the positive side is clearly the image quality and the propagation of the audio.

The hand tracking has improved, it is more precise.
If there is something that worries me and that I think the same thing happens or will happen to other professionals, it is the conditions of use. Oculus requires a facebook account and that is a problem when using it at a professional level, I do not know the reason for this initiative not so much because of the obligation to connect to facebook but that it has to be connected to a personal account, they could have allowed connect trough facebook pages, this would be more acceptable. Normally it was supposed Oculus Quest 2 to replace Oculus Quest 1 and Oculus GO.
The oculus GO is the one that is normally deployed to large amount of people
I see in this initiative two possible reasons, either there is another headset in perspective more adapted to the companies, or they will allow other options of connection to Facebook once they have achieved a good number of users of their VR platforms.