Prototype Eclox: Going forward helping people

Eclox works not only in the creation of applications in VR, but also creates to facilitate access to virtual reality to as many people as possible.
For now we cannot reveal what we are doing, but we do want to communicate that we are working hard with the “Grande Ecole de Marseille” to get the product we need.
We are in the final phase of the prototype and will soon be able to move on to industrialization.
We have several products in the line of sight that we consider important to our business model and the collaboration with KSI Central Marseille helps us to move forward in this regard.



Little by little, Eclox is completing its project despite all the problems that Covid has caused us and many other companies. This situation made us rethink many things, change many others and above all show patience.

Light at the end of the tunnel

The end of the tunnel is approaching and we will need collaborations and projects to create. Once again we thank those people who are still there supporting this project, but we also do not forget those who supported it at some point and who will always have our gratitude.


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Do not stop following us on social networks especially on Linkedin where we will update the progress of this and other projects that we have in hand.

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