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Eclox. Moving forward step by step

We create VR Experiences and high quality 360 content. We are in the last stages of creating our Multiplayer system that on the one hand will facilitate the creation of experiences, but also the way to enjoy them and the way to show content, Always respecting the principles of ECLOX, These principles are The inclusion and simplicity of use depending on the user’s motor handicap. In addition, we will soon have a complement for the use of VR headsets that will take the possibilities of use even further.

Teaser video 360

But today I want to show you a Teaser of our 360 videos, mainly adapted for Oculus Quest2 in 5.7K Stereo and Mono being also available in 8K Mono and Stereo.

The Teaser is just a sample of the video content that we work with and can produce with really good professionals. Special thanks to Alexandre Regreffe‘s work throughout this creation process and with whom we can create this type of top quality products.

These images that we present were shot at the Thoiry ZooSafari in France. The complete content for now is only accessible in our application.

Creation Process

The process of creating our product, mainly VR and “other” applications as well as its content, has been a long and sometimes complicated process, but we are proud to have already reached this point and to be close to our goal.

Until now we could not communicate what we would have liked, but we believe that the time has come as we want to get closer to our potential partners and collaborators.

Health and handicap

Health and handicap is our objective studying possibilities and creating solutions, among others, AcercArte that will have a therapeutic and helpful aspect using music, art, colors and also will have educational content.

We produce interactive content and 360 videos are only part of that content.

We have more news and information that we will publish in the next few weeks.

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If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us.