Eclox has just launched its content production projects for its future “virtual experiences platform”.

One of the fields in which Eclox works is Therapy by Exposure to Virtual Reality.

Therapy by Exposure to Virtual Reality: Optimal Results

Therapy by Exposure to Virtual Reality has been available for some years with concrete and satisfactory results.

Among its advantages we find:

-the development of a feeling of trust: confidentiality, security, presence of a therapist or facilitator, absence of real threat due to being aware of not being exposed to reality,

-the experience of controlled virtual exhibitions, adjustable with the possibility of repetition

-the decrease in incidents of consciousness

-the fun aspect and better motivation for the patient

-The Economy in front of an exhibition “in situ” 

An Eclox animal therapy project

An animal therapy project is already in the post-production phase. This project has been in collaboration with the Thoiry Zoo Safari in France, whose team we thank for their interest and involvement that has allowed us to develop our work in unbeatable and privileged conditions.

This project has been carried out in full  lockdown  with all the problems that this implies in terms of logistics, travel, catering and accommodation. Thanks to the quality and teamwork  of the Eclox members, everything turned out perfectly.

The cameraman and head of post-production is someone who is top-notch in his field of expertise and who can be fully trusted, Alexandre Regeffe. He is 100% professional in the world of 360 video and virtual reality, which allows me to count on his experience and advice in this field.

In sound, without a doubt, for me the best professional I know, Bergame Periaux, specialized in capturing and post-production of spatialized audio.

Team ECLOX real emotions

Photo; Angel Lourido / Alexandre Regeffe / Bergame Periaux

Both were my professors in their respective disciplines at the INA in Paris, which made it easy for me to to decide to ask them if they wanted to work with me on this and on future Eclox projects.

The Thoiry Project is especially important to me because it meets all the conditions that Eclox needs: to be able to propose quality content using the best in high-quality material and human resources.

In terms of 360° video, we have filmed with an Insta Titan camera in 8K3D and 11k mono, and in audio, a spatialized audio capture system of the highest quality. In addition, other cameras such as the Kandao Qoocam 8k and audio support systems have been used to go where a Titan could not go for reasons of size and technical characteristics

The spatial 360° audio give another dimension to the pictures and to the experience. So it is really important for us to have this high quality level of production and post-production and we want to work with these standards in the future as well.

This production and post-production will be accompanied by elements that I can’t reveal at the moment but that will be really interesting and surprising.

Filming to the rhythm of the animals of the Thoiry Safari Zoo

Working with people can be tricky at times, but generally they understand what you want. However, working with animals is random. If they are not domesticated and have little or no interaction with humans as is the case at Thoiry, where the premise is to avoid human contact so as prevent animals from losing their sense of wildlife, the situation is even more complicated.

For this reason, filming these animals is more complex and needs more preparation and a great deal of improvisation because you never know how they will react. I assure you that the human team has not taken unnecessary risks. Another thing is the material, but in the end we have not suffered losses there either.

We have been able to capture surprising things that will be available exclusively to our clients through the virtual reality experiences that Eclox is preparing.

Image, sound and user experience go hand in hand to transport us to a world where one can escape and contemplate passively or interactively.

This project is part of the line of projects aimed at the well-being of people that Eclox wants to promote and market


Eclox appreciates the availability of Edmond de La Panouse as well as the management team of the Château de Thoiry and Thoiry ZooSafari we also thanks the press officer  Tiphaine de La Riviere , who accompanied us and provided the means without which the filming would have been impossible.

Of course, the animals we worked with have had to be patient and, at times, we had the feeling that they were stakeholders, observing and behaving as if they were actors. That curiosity, tranquility and feeling they transmitted is what we were looking for when recording the scenes, a zen feeling that our clients will undoubtedly discover soon.

Eclox is open to any collaboration with those entities that share the same principles of inclusion and the improvement of people’s well-being.

If you belong to an organization, association or entity that may be interested in this type of experience, do not hesitate to contact Eclox, there will surely be a solution and a proposal.

Especially thanks to Jerôme Kollsmannberger who has accompanied and helped us during the filming.

Part of the material has been rented at Visual Impact Paris

To infinity and beyond! real emotions by Eclox.

Here you have some amazing pictures from the filming at the Thoity Safari zoo