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When we combine Synesthesia, Art, Music and Virtual Reality the result can be extraordinary

But if we can also add music therapy then then we can enter a separate world.

Sythesia has a greater interest in the world of creation and especially in the world of virtual reality, as it provides evidence in the use of colors and shapes but above all of sounds and music that exponentially reinforce emotions.

ECLOX is currently collaborating in a project where syesthesia is applied to the world of art and music creating experiences in virtual reality to take further a project that existed in physical but with the limitations of this type of projects where you have to create facilities with about thirty paintings with what it means in logistics. VR can take this type of project much further, especially to people who cannot access them for mobility reasons.

After having seen the incredible work of Eva Cayetana Somolinos Olmo Composer and endowed with that gift that is syesthesia I could not help but work with her and her project AcercArte. Eva composes music for paintings based mainly on their colors and for this she has already composed about 30 works for as many paintings mainly belonging to large museums such as the Prado Museum or the Louvre, precisely to give her another way to contemplate them. Now with the experiences in Virtual Rerality that ECLOX brings his work takes to another dimension and the emotions are much more intense.

Concert Hall AcercArte eclox VR


This project will evolve in technique and interest incorporating an aspect of Music Therapy that will make the scope and interest of this work even greater.

There is already a first virtual experience where we have rebuilt a virtual exhibition where you can listen to the music adapted to each painting and where you can enjoy a unique experience that you did not know until now.

AcercArte Expo

Inclusive Multiplayer System

ECLOX also with its new inclusive multiplayer system, adapted to different motor handicaps will bring a new level in the experience and in the way to enjoy it without forgetting what is now here which is the metaverse.


Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of a sensory or cognitive pathway leads to involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. The people who throughout their lives of such experiences are known as synesthetics, this would be the case of Eva Cayetana Somolinos. Art culture and therapy should be able to work together to carry one more way to treat those people who by their condition can access it. ECLOX will be there to move in that direction.

Eclox AcercArte Angel Lourido Eva Cayetana

Real Expo and Virtual Reality Expo

We have already been able to try a virtual experience with his live work in Spain during an event organized to show his work to the general public by taking it to the Odeon, Narón – Ferrol center to see the reaction of the public.

The event aroused a lot of interest among those who had the opportunity to try the experience that for now is prepared for Oculus Quest but soon can be enjoyed on other platforms.