ART, AI, VR : Conservation and Restoration

ART, AI : Conservation and Restoration
A few months ago, I was in a meeting at the UDC “The University of A Coruña” talking informally with teachers and specialists about art and restoration and how some work could be done. After I proposed some possible solutions, the day after someone called me for help with a complicated and almost impossible job. So I had the pleasure of working on a project that involved studying and preparing a report for the restoration of a work by “Lluïsa Botet i Mundi” from the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. What was required of me was to find color solutions from an old black and white photograph of the work itself, taking into account that parts of the canvas were missing as seen in the painting.

It was an interesting job because given the condition of the painting and the low technical quality of the photograph, it seemed impossible to do anything with those elements. The final result (which I cannot publish) was obtained with a combination of traditional software, colorimetry logic, and research with similar works from the time, starting from the artist’s origin and especially the type and ornamentation of the costumes. At that time, I did not have access to all the AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications that are now emerging, so I had to use a somewhat rustic AI, but I think the result was quite good considering the limited time I was given for completion.

The important thing about this article is not so much the work done but how AI can help recover works that are practically impossible to recover with traditional techniques in the future. In these cases, there would be no impact on employment because it would be a support tool and not a replacement. I am convinced that manual work of this nature cannot and should not be replaced by AIs.
Also, I want to tell you that with my VR company, ECLOX we create content and always need to find solutions to work with elements like art or music while using emotions. Emotions are at the center of all kinds of art and link art and health to wellness.
ECLOX has a collaboration agreement with the #udc Universidade da Coruña and we are working in a real interesting proyect that will help Artists, Museums and Art restorers to find solutions and create incredible expereinces.
From here, I would like to thank the UDC personnel and my collaborator from AntaNorte Javier Lamas #Arts #museums #VR #emotions #eclox #artworks #AI #inclusion #health 🦋

Lluïsa Botet i Mundi


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