Angel Lourido’s Seminar at UDC’s Faculty of Humanities, University of A Coruña

Angel Lourido seminar UDC Universidad de A Coruña

“Emotions Echoed Through Innovation: Virtual Reality at the Crossroads of Fashion and Heritage”

“The emergence of virtual reality in various fields is redefining the boundaries of what we consider an experience. From the way we interact with the virtual world to how we relive the past, this tool has established itself as one of the most disruptive innovations of the century.”

“The Art of Dressing and Adorning Our Appearance: A Digital Revolution in Fashion.”

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“Fashion, always in constant evolution, has found in virtual reality a new stage to shine. This isn’t merely a superficial shift but a transformation that redefines the interaction between the designer, the garment, and the consumer. The virtualization of fashion is taking us on a journey where attire is not limited to physical fabric but becomes a digital extension of our personality.

Well-known brands like Gucci have launched virtual collections, while innovative companies like The Fabricant astonish the world by auctioning the first piece of virtual clothing. Added to these are initiatives like Hot Second, which offers an eco-friendly twist by allowing the exchange of physical clothes for digitized ones, and Dressx, which bridges the world of fashion with the metaverse.

Digitalization isn’t confined solely to the creation of garments but also encompasses the process of transforming real fabrics into digital versions. Laser scanning and photography techniques allow capturing features such as drape, flexibility, color, and texture of materials, making virtual fashion nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.”

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“Heritage Through the Digital Lens: The Notre-Dame Case”

Notre Dame de Paris

Virtual reality has also proven to be an invaluable tool in the preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage. A prime example is the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Following the devastating fire of 2019, AGP, using photogrammetry techniques, produced a detailed 3D reconstruction of the cathedral, allowing experts and enthusiasts alike to explore and appreciate this iconic monument in its former glory.

Photogrammetry and 3D modeling, each with their own advantages and challenges, are changing the way we approach the conservation and restoration of heritage. While photogrammetry stands out for its realism and accuracy, 3D modeling offers unmatched flexibility and creative control.

Angel Lourido UDC Ferrol Campus

Angel Lourido: A Pioneer at the Intersection of Fashion and Heritage.

The ability to see beyond the obvious and connect disparate dots is what defines true visionaries. Ángel Lourido, with his recent presentation at the Faculty of Humanities and Documentation of the Ferrol Industrial Campus, has made it clear that he is precisely one of these individuals.

His knack for merging two seemingly contrasting worlds, namely fashion and heritage conservation, speaks not only of his vast technical knowledge but also of his capacity to anticipate trends and present them in a coherent and captivating manner.

In the realm of fashion, Ángel has emphasized the digital transformation of the industry, underlining the role of virtual reality in the creation, presentation, and marketing of fashion. His analysis of how major brands are integrating into the metaverse and the digitalization of fabrics offers a clear insight into what the future holds.

On the other hand, when it comes to heritage, Lourido has proven to be a meticulous scholar, highlighting how techniques like photogrammetry are being applied in emblematic examples, such as the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. More than just a technical narrative, Ángel shares the importance and value of these innovations for the preservation and appreciation of our rich history and culture.

Ángel’s profound ability to present and communicate these topics, coupled with his palpable passion for the intersection of technology and culture, positions him as a key figure for lectures, seminars, and discourses in prestigious institutions and media outlets.

If you’re seeking an authoritative and visionary voice that can elevate the discussion on virtual reality, fashion, and heritage to a new level, Ángel Lourido is undoubtedly the perfect choice.

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