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ECLOX is a pioneering company in XR innovation, where emotion is the driving force behind every project we undertake. Our focus is not only on well-being and health but also on providing enriching experiences in the fields of art, culture, and heritage.

For those looking to embark on immersive cultural journeys, we offer virtual reality experiences that transport users to museums, historical sites, and artistic events, all from the comfort of their space. But we don’t stop there. Each experience is designed with inclusivity in mind, ensuring that those with mobility barriers or disabilities can fully enjoy every moment.

The growing issue of social isolation and the increasing demands on health services show us that we need more adaptive solutions. This is where ECLOX shines, valuing therapy and rehabilitation by integrating them into unique VR experiences that offer more than just entertainment: they provide connection, education, and well-being.

Physical barriers no longer limit our ability to experience the world. Whether exploring an art gallery, rediscovering a heritage site, or seeking solutions that value well-being and therapy, ECLOX is the key that opens a world of possibilities for everyone, regardless of their physical or psychological capabilities.

Eclox and Breda University Partner to Enhance Museum Experiences for Women with ADHD through Virtual Reality


ECLOX , at the forefront of VR, AR, and AI technology, is excited to announce our collaboration with Tourism | Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. This partnership focuses on a pioneering thesis titled “Enhancing Museum Experiences for Women with Inattentive ADHD using VR Technology.” from Coline Hermans This project aims to tailor museum experiences to be more inclusive and engaging for women with ADHD, an often overlooked demographic in ADHD research.

If you believe your decisions can transform your company, then, prove it with Eclox.

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At Eclox, we are committed to bringing cutting-edge technology directly to your screen. We are excited to announce a special series of articles exploring the depths and possibilities of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Worlds.

Providing you with essential knowledge and unique perspectives that can transform how you perceive and utilize these emerging technologies in your business.

These articles are meticulously crafted for business leaders, innovators, and anyone seeking to be at the forefront of digital transformation.

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Parallel Worlds: The Journey of Eclox

mundos paralelos eclox VR historia padre e hija proyecto creacion realidad virtual

“Parallel Worlds: The Journey of Eclox” immerses us in an extraordinary journey, an odyssey that begins in the far reaches of a father and daughter’s imagination. This is not just a narrative about virtual reality and its infinite possibilities; it is a deep exploration of the human bond and how technology can serve as a bridge between hearts and worlds.

You Probably Don’t Need Eclox: How the Inspiration from Prague, Vienna, and Rome Drives Innovation in VR, AR, and AI

Vous n'avez probablement pas besoin d'Eclox : Comment l'inspiration de Prague, Vienne et Rome stimule l'innovation en VR, AR et IA

At Eclox, our vision is bold and straightforward: we understand that technological innovation isn’t for everyone. It requires a special kind of audacity, a desire to explore the unknown, and to push the limits of what’s possible. We know this path isn’t for everyone, but for those who are ready to embrace the future, the possibilities are endless.

In this constantly evolving world, the companies that stand out are those that dare to look beyond established norms. They are willing to dive into the future, armed with the most advanced tools and the most innovative ideas. It’s in this spirit that the lessons from historically and culturally rich cities like Prague, Vienna, and Rome become fundamental, paving the way to new frontiers in VR, AR, and AI.

ECLOX: Harmony Between Humans and AI in the New Labor and Creative Paradigm”

ECLOX: Armonía entre Humanos y AI en el Nuevo Paradigma Laboral y Creativo

Bpi France ECLOXEclox has been awarded by BPIFrance for an innovative project in the field of Health.

Eclox has had the honor of being recognized by BPIFRANCE, receiving a distinguished grant highlighting innovation in the field of Health. This recognition not only reinforces our commitment to excellence but also underscores our mission to offer cutting-edge solutions in the sector. Being endorsed by such a prestigious entity as BPIFRANCE affirms the quality and impact of our work. We are deeply grateful for this acknowledgment and remain committed to our vision of leading with innovation and dedication. Thank you for trusting Eclox and joining us on this journey!

en la XXIX Conferencia de Decanatos de Arte y Humanidades en Valencia este 5 y 6 de octubre. Sumergirnos en el apasionante mundo de "Inteligencia Artificial y metodologías docentes: retos y posibilidades" es más que una charla; es una visión del futuro de la educación. En Eclox, entendemos que la IA y la realidad virtual están redefiniendo el paisaje del arte, la docencia y las humanidades.

“Intervention of Angel Lourido at the XXIX Conference of Deans of Art and Humanities in Valencia on October 5 and 6, 2023. ‘Artificial Intelligence and teaching methodologies: challenges and possibilities’.”

Virtual reality, a tool for our mental health in times of pandemic

Virtual Reality, Health , mental Health
ECLOX Virtual Reality Meditation

Isolated, stressed, far from our work and social environment … our daily lives have been radically transformed since the arrival of the pandemic. The consequences of this unprecedented situation for our mental health are becoming more evident every day. What if virtual reality could help us restore the lost psychological and emotional balance?



We all have the strength to continue improving. Eclox will help you stimulate your energy and empower you



When an understanding is established between people, a state of harmony and well-being is created, which is why Eclox encourages diversity



Friendship and trust make you a great person. Eclox trusts you and follows you wherever you want to go and puts the means to help you



For Eclox, emotion is an attitude, a way to live the good times in an intense way appreciating all that is good



Eclox will offer many people the opportunity to feel freer to experience sensations that otherwise would not have been possible



The feeling of feeling free, is the one that allows the human being to feel capable of being able to do anything and to be able to overcome himself

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